Thursday, July 31, 2014

Functionalities of LED Strip

LED strips are devices with low voltage lighting, usually a sign letter lighting, architectural lighting, panels, indirect lighting and various other applications as an alternative to older technologies, less efficient as fluorescent lamps, halogen or fluorescent bulbs and have "King live at least twice as decorative alternatives such as rope lights.

Whether in black and white and RGB. Some manufacturers offer white stripes in warm colors monofiletichen white and red, green, yellow and blue, while other manufacturers also offer different versions of whiting or warm white accurate color temperature and light.

LED strip Types:

LED lighting strip is one of the fastest growing segments of the LED. There are many subgroups of this group:

Solid bar: waterproof coating, with or without printed circuit board screen locked in the old LED aluminum or plastic technology behind high power SMD (Surface Mounted Diode) or.
Flexible Strip - with or without stable, with or without adhesive tape on the back with both technologies or installing screen SMD assembly technology of water.

Flexible LED Strip Light:

Flexible LED strips are made of flat SMD used the same type of chip as the new LED fluorescent tubes, but in the case of the groups which are connected to a conductive strip of soft. The chamber is then applied to a point on the tape and the free linear diodes smooth.

Since the mounting base is adaptable, can be used in various fields and to provide further strengthening against the LED strips can be custom cut to size, and again, if necessary. Typically, led flexible strips are produced in rolls typically 3-5 m, and on the basis of the type of the chip design and the terminals of the coil are each 2-6 parts of the chip can be reduced. The probability of drawing for LED Strips are endless when small businesses emphasize that some of them. The main providers of different versions board also needs to create a variety of widths, with a five mm thin strips, which are usually aligned to certain characteristics of light, for example, a side view, lighting 8 mm and 12 mm, which are the most common group, and in large range of more complex example strips intelligent range between 15 to 17 millimeters.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights up its economy and establish the type of environmental efficiency. With its introduction in the functions of lighting the regular use of LED lights in other well-documented. This involves the use of thin flexible strips of LEDs in a series of points, and in the functional areas. Some of the various uses of tape or tapes are the headlights of vehicles, motor and bottom LED headlights of other vehicles. This need for welding cable with LED headlights and the consequences are extremely fertile charges, especially for those, that're as lighting effects.

With all these features, Flexible LED strips are a better choice than conventional incandescent or fluorescent lighting in all cases.

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