Monday, October 13, 2014

Development of solar energy on Earth

Solar energy is a renewable source of energy that is created as the perfect replacement for electricity from fossil fuels. But have you ever noticed that solar energy created? In this article you will learn about the different events that are associated with the development of solar energy. The cases listed below are the most important; However, the history of development of solar energy is very long.

Discovery of the 18th century

Horace-Benedict de Saussure, a Swiss scientist who developed the first solar collector, which was covered insulated box with a glass film 3 Thermal Power Grip. The Box Collector thermal energy known as a solar oven.

The development of 19th century

In 1839, the photovoltaic effect occurred. Becquerel Alexendre achieved a French scientists discovered that it placed using two electrodes in an electrolyte. Electricity was generated after exposure to sunlight. 1873 Willoughby Smith discovered that selenium shows photoconductivity. 1876 Smith found that selenium can produce solar energy. Many attempts were later to create solar cells with selenium, but unfortunately no. But it is a powerful discovery about this event based on the solid was capable of converting light into electricity.

The first solar cell was introduced in 1893, while in 1887 the discovery of conductivity ultraviolet light was made by Heinrich Hertz discovered and the photoelectric effect. 1891 was the time of the creation of the first solar cell based on the photoelectric effect outside Aleksandr Stoletov.

The inventions of the 20th century

William J. Bailey has a copper collector with copper coils and boxes, which was mounted. During 1916, the famous scientist Albert Einstein published a paper on the photoelectric effect, which was highlighted by Robert Millilkan doing an experiment, then. In 1947, after World War II, solar power systems has become popular among the masses of the United States. The first commercial use of solar energy in space exploration teams in 1958. The major milestone for the costing of solar energy was in 1970, when Exxon Corporation has an efficient solar panel, which was not very expensive to produce created .

The first solar plane was produced by Paul Macready in 1981 and became the first solar-powered car in Australia in 1982. In 1999, the plant's largest solar energy has established that produced more than 20kilowatts energy. In the same year, the solar cell was fabricated skillful with a yield of 36 percent PV.

Today the sun's energy is very popular in different parts of the world. To find more elaborate chronology of the development of solar energy or New York that solar companies can look online.

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