Monday, December 9, 2013

How to Create Facebook Chat Codes

Have you seen people smile and send images that are not part of the Facebook Chat Traditional codes.
Here in this article you will see how easy it is to create these codes and Impress friends on Facebook
What is the best part, you can create your unique code. You can create the code for each stored in your computer image, comprising the steps of
Perform the following steps: -
1. Go to Smileyti

2. Click on "Browse" and select the image you want to use in Facebook Chat.

3. a captcha code. [If you get one]

4. Click on "Submit Now" button.

5. It is to generate code in a few seconds in this form << [[512,585,645,451,273]] [[512,585,638,784,607]] >>
Copy the code
6. Add. In Facebook Chat and press Enter
   DONE: D

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